Percorsi di Analisi Transazionale

Percorsi di Analisi Transazionale is a multidisciplinary online quarterly magazine, which publishes articles evaluated by a scientific committee according to the method of peer review.

Contributions are published on topics Transactional Analysis applied to the disciplinary fields of psychotherapy, counseling, educational and organizational.

The magazine also includes materials useful to anyone involved in training processes related to TA.
The contributions are for innovative topics related scientific research, case studies, critical reviews on literature reviews and, occasionally, are organized around thematic focus in monographic outputs.

Paths encourages interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue between different approaches and methodologies, offering itself as a space for discussion at the international level in the field of psychotherapy and social sciences in general.

To encourage the deployment of content and intercultural dialogue a number per year is published in bilingual form, English and Italian.

Public paths also extracts from records of annual conferences of Performat dedicated to the social sciences and the neurosciences and encourages, generally, the publication of papers of excellence in the training of students in its schools.

The editorial staff will be pleased to welcome all proposals for publication in the journal Percorsi di Analisi Transazionale, which may be sent in the form of abstract (about 800 characters including spaces) to the email address:

Consult the specifications for authors at this link.
You'll find directions for the drafting of the article, the publishing agreement and the updated editorial guidelines.



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